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In a recent release, Topco Media and Communications named The Retrade Project as a finalist in the 18th annual Top Empowerment Awards. As a transformation leader, The Retrade Project has been nominated in the Youth Employment Service Initiative (YES) Award category.

As South Africa’s premier empowerment event, the Top Empowerment Awards recognises companies and individuals who have contributed to accelerating transformation and building an all-inclusive economy.

Maria Grewer, Jessica Ronaasen and Natalie Raw as the management team of the social enterprise have shown consistent commitment to the evolution of business in South Africa, with their evolving business model which seeks to link employment opportunities to those from underprivileged communities. With a progressive vision of using traders to assist with recycling sorting, Retrade is able to offer practical opportunities for involvement and participation in the organization. There are wonderful developments  on the horizon as Retrade expands their recycling depo and Trading Store in the coming months which will showcase efforts towards the social upliftment and  environmental agenda of Nelson Mandela Bay.

With a history of honouring industry leaders, finalists and winners at the Top Empowerment Awards have been a source of inspiration for sector peers. With its many accomplishments, The Retrade Project hopes to do the same.

Jessica Ronaasen, a social worker on the Retrade management team comments that, “We seek to leave a legacy of sustainable living in Nelson Mandela Bay. Retrade has a vision to see the upliftment of people and the environment. We find the traders gaining a strong work ethic, ingenuity, and responsibility as they participate in our programmes. We also have seen that the wider community of Nelson Mandela Bay has rallied in support of the project! We are grateful for the support and continued investment.

Maria Grewar, founder of Retrade adds that, “Simply by knowing that we are making a tangible difference in the everyday lives of families in the city matters to our team. We strongly believe in the model of giving a hand up instead of a hand out. We love that the project calls the community to action - to be active citizens.” 

The Top Empowerment Awards ceremony will take place on 11 April 2019 at the Ekurhuleni International Conference Centre in Johannesburg. Winners will be those companies and individuals who have demonstrated innovation and leadership. 

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Top Empowerment Finalist
Top Empowerment Finalist