Who We Are

The ReTrade project is a social upliftment initiative and community recycling centre which creates informal employment through a bartering system while educating individuals about environmental issues and providing community members with a safe and fun space to recycle in. We have turned recyclables into a valuable commodity which can be used to trade for essential goods at our trading store. Our program is run by big hearted volunteers and all profits from our recycling rebates go directly back into stocking our shelves, thus creating a circular and more sustainable business model. The ReTrade project has evolved into more than just a non-profit organization, but a social enterprise with a green heart!


To see the upliftment of people and the environment.

Mission & Purpose

To assist individuals who need immediate aid by providing for their basic human needs as well as educating them and the wider community in eco-sustainable practices.

This will be achieved through providing an opportunity to access our bartering program, recycling skills training and special open-days.




Restoration of dignity, work ethic, pride, ingenuity and responsibility

Promoting compassion, relationship, empowerment, sustainability, stewardship and entrepreneurial spirit

We work with the following groups: