How The Re-Trade Project Works

Families or individuals in need can collect clean recyclable waste like tins, plastic bottles, cardboard, white paper, mixed paper and then can either...
Drop clean
recyclables in the
bins at the
designated bins.
Bring clean and sorted recyclables to Fountain Vineyard during open hours for an exchange of basic goods – all recycling must be clean and separated.
All recyclable materials are collected by a local recycling company and all profits attained are used to purchase new stock for the store.

Volunteers assist traders and then help individuals ‘purchase goods’ in the Trade Store – a small shop set up on the premises which stocks basic essentials such as food, toiletries, coats, blankets and clothing.

 Opening Hours:

Monday 08h30 - 15h00

We encourage the public to come drop their recycling off during these open hours so that our friendly volunteers can assist you

and answer any questions you may have!