Celebrating 2019

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Maria Grewar

From The Director’s Desk

2019! Wow, what a full and wonderful year it has been! As I reflect on the past 11 months I am reminded of so many impactful events - moments of success, growth and connection while we also experienced struggle, failure and sharp learning curves. It is what makes life truly beautiful, however, and we are grateful for all that we have had the great privilege of witnessing this past year.

Some of the highlights from 2019 included the following:

Along with a year of many wonderful experiences and partnerships it also has shown many areas for growth and particular needs of continued support. A few challenging moments included the following:

We had one of our very committed and wonderful directors, Natalie Raw, resign and it has been a true loss to our team – yet we wish her all of the best with her new endeavours and know ties will always hold strong with our project!

We also always stand in faith between the ebb and flow of store stock and volunteers on the ground – but we trust that we will always have the right people serving our traders and that the very things they need will be on the shelves!

Continuously we fight the battle of education and awareness and we strive to coach our greater community regarding waste and recycling day on day. Our aim is to do this better in 2020 through small, but hopefully impactful campaigns and resources made available to everyone. We seek to bless the community of Walmer and Walmer Heights with our presence there and welcome any active participation in this regard.

One of our many goals for the New Year is simply this:

We would like to double or triple the amount of traders coming through our doors, while remaining a sustainable project, as we know that our world is full of both hungry people and recyclable material! But we most certainly cannot do this alone.

That being said, we would like to thank all who have aided us this year in our ups and downs, highs and lows! We couldn’t run and manage such an endeavour without each and every one of you. 

May your holiday season be joyous and your 2020 be blessed beyond description!


Yours faithfully,

Maria Grewar

Founder & Director