How the ReTrade Project is responding to the covid-19 pandemic

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Maria Grewar
At the ReTrade Project we hold relationship and ingenuity in high regard and over the past few weeks our team has been working to come up with some creative alternatives to helping in a time of a global pandemic. At this point in time our traders cannot trade or travel to us and we can not get to many of them as they live throughout our city. As a needs relief orientated program we are trying our very best to assist those we have built relationships with over the past 6 years, especially those who are a part of our current recycling program. To the best of our ability we have supplied some with food parcels and some with e-vouchers for immediate relief. 
We also have been creating care packs for essential workers as physical donations come in. We have given out approximately 70 of these packs (reusable cloth mask, soap, chocolate & tippy tap instructions) and are still collecting these items for people who need them.
Yet we also know there is a lot of need out there right now so we have had a few long and hard brainstorming session to try and see how we and some very exciting collaborators can help meet the needs of our wider community. During a time of crisis we believe that our hands must open wider and our hearts must become kinder. We must give and give generously. In keeping with our values, however, we aim is to do so as respectfully and responsibly as possible with both our benefactors and beneficiaries in mind. That being said, we would like to offer you, our dedicated followers, the opportunity to let us know if you have someone who has directly lost their income as a result of the covid19 pandemic and needs immediate relief. In return, we will see how best we can help! 
We plan to use our network to link resources of generosity to those who are negatively impacted the most by the current lockdown crisis. We specifically want to help those who have no other options. People that have lost employment and income. So if you would like to apply for our CoronaCare Program please follow this link where you will find our online form to start this process!
Let’s help each other to live generously, to live responsibly and to help those in need!
In your service,
Maria Grewar
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