Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility

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The ReTrade Team

History will never forget the Year 2020. As a nation, we won’t either.

It's a time to respond and we’re choosing a green recovery. No one
imagined the devastation and global shutdown of economies and businesses,
sectors and life as we have known it. Individuals, businesses and
communities have been challenged, called to change, adapt and respond. 2020 will
be known as the year when even non-profits had to rethink the way they operate.
Retrade is no different. We have had to quickly redefine our values and ways of operating, of engaging and
of making an impact.

Have needs changed? We believe the needs before Covid-19 are still alive, and that
the crisis has only served to magnifiy the issues of poverty, inequality and lack of access to basic
essentials. In South Africa at present there are many who are really struggling today as a
result of the National Lockdown, unable to access informal employment
opportunities, large scale job losses and a halt to economic activity. Non-profit
organisations are adapting and growing during these unprecedented times; however,
many are also experiencing funding and programming challenges.

Our vision at Retrade remains the same, to see the upliftment
of people and the environment.

In response to the state of national disaster and aligning itself with the call from
national health authorities and experts to practice social distancing, we have
implemented new initiatives. With your support towards a green recovery to Covid-
19, it cannot be business as usual and we are thrilled to reflect on the activities and
generosity expressed over the lockdown period.

Our relief responses included:

1) EMERGENCY RESPONSE : This included responding to immediate needs,
some nominated and others which emerged from the community. We sent out
vouchers and assisted with emergency parcels

2) COMMUNITY RELIEF : With the support from some amazing partners we
were able to take Community Food Parcels directly into Walmer Township
and these parcels enabled us to feed families who were able to work or gain
access to basic needs. We are aware that the needs continue, nevertheless
our mission seeks to return to our trading model as soon as possible.

3) GREEN RECOVERY: June 1 st marked an amazing moment for us as we began
our green recovery plan. We have returned to trading and will no longer be
handing out parcels, except for in exceptionally dire circumstances. We will be initiating our trading programme as we head towards post lockdown Trader Support and growing of our trader programme.

The Retrade Project is and continues to be a community-based recycling and social
empowerment project which seeks to sustainably provide underprivileged individuals
and the community with an opportunity to be environmentally responsible while
gaining access to food and basic essentials.


We are excited to announce The Retrade Project Partnership Programme, an
opportunity for individuals, businesses and groups to get on board and help us
sustainably move into the next season of social and environmental impact.

Check out our NEW offers:

This programme was launched just in time for Mandela Day 2020! It is an ideal CALL TO ACTION. Mandela Day 2020 cannot be the same as it was, no more mass gatherings or beach clean ups, and we have to rethink the way businesses and groups engage with one another. Over the years, Retrade has partnered with and hosted several Mandela Day Initiatives and we would like to propose a unique and innovative strategy for 2020 in light of the current COVID-19 situation. We call it, Our Partnership Programme and it is directly part of our green recovery plan. We would like to utilise the build-up to Mandela Day to cultivate and reinforce a culture of giving back by businesses and groups no matter how big or small.

o Start a food drive
o Bring your recycling from work / Home
o Join our Partnership Programme
o Run a fundraiser – the creative freedom is yours!

We anticipate and continue to see the community being affected by the spread of COVID-19 and the direct impact this has on individuals and families. A social
sustainability model such as The Retrade Project will become critical to address the social and environmental recovery needs of communities. The time has come for business to REPLY to the crisis, RELATE their everyday behaviour and attitude to the needs around them and RESPOND with a call to action by donating non-perishable food items towards Retrade.

What would your reply be?
Why should you relate these topics to your everyday life, and working world?
How should we respond, as individuals and as a company?

Nelson Mandela made a powerful statement at a live concert 2 July 2005 which has never felt more relevant;

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity it is an act of justice.”



SAB Recycling campaign
SAB Recycling campaign
Nedbank food drive
Nedbank food drive
Nedbank beach clean up
Nedbank beach clean up